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Peerhoven Air VA - Rules and Regulations

As with any Airline (Real or Virtual) there have to be rules, this is just an

unfortunate reality. We strive to be non-limiting in our approach, and as

such, try to keep rules to a minimum.

That said, here are the few rules that we do have:

First off, I would like to thank you for joining the "Best VA Around"!

Welcome to Peerhoven Air VA!

  When you first register, you will not be issued a Pilot ID# until after you have filed your first flight.

Once your first PIREP is received and recorded, you will be furnished with your Pilot ID#.

  To file your first PIREP, put "NEW" as your pilot number followed by your registered name and email

(Real names are preferred but not required). 

  Once you have registered, you will have NO LONGER THAN 60 DAYS to file your first flight or you will be removed from the system and will have to re-register.

It is also recommended that you set up a member profile as soon as possible 

so that you can be assigned site permissions.

Failure to do so may restrict your site and forum activities. 

  You are also responsible for keeping your email address updated. Any email returned from your address as invailid or undeliverable could result in immediate dismissal due to the proliferation of SPAM-BOT's!

  All recieved PIREP's will be responded to  your registered email - usually within 24-48 hours. If you do not get a copy of your flight report by email after 48 hours, please email the administrators and inform them. That email address is and is checked at least once every day, usually more than that.

  It is important to note that, as a member of Peerhoven Air VA, your opinions and suggestions matter - so make them known by utilizing these forums. There is also a lot of experience here that may help you with any Flight Sim problems. These forums, special email alerts and the Regulation Section (under construction) are important to the stability of this airline.

The most recent changes will always be posted to the NOTAM section of the forums first.

You are highly encourage to check these NOTAM's on a regular basis.

    We do not have many rules, but our main rule is:

All pilots are expected to file a PIREP at least once every 30 days. If you are unable to fly during that time you should request a Leave of Absence (LOA) to prevent being taken off the roster. Pilots who are inactive for 90 days without filing for LOA are subject to removal and their records will be permanently deleted! 

(Pilots MUST have at least 5 hours flight time recorded to file for LOA and may be contacted within 60 - 90 days LOA to confirm your situation. If your email is not up-to-date you will be immediately dismised)

The only exception to the above rule are pilots with "Honorary" status!

You may fly any sim using any aircraft to anywhere you want!

All we ask is that you be realistic!

Don't try to file a PIREP of a Cessna 172 going from EHAM,Amsterdam to KJFK,New York without stops!

 PIREP's like that will be ignored and repeated use could result in suspentions - or worse.

   On the subject of pilot records; if you ever want a copy of you flight records in .ODS, .XLS, or .PDF just use the above email address to request. Please specify preferred format.

  That's it for now. Again, we welcome you to Peerhoven Air VA and we hope you have a blast! After all that's why we do it!

Enjoy. Fly safe. Fly smart!

Peerhoven Air Administration

                DISREGARD THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION!                   

As this page is currently under review, the following information has been suspended!

The rules above this line ARE currently in effect

It is highly recommended that you stay tuned to the Forum NOTAM's Page!

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